Champion Affordable Housing: There is a shortage of housing in California, especially affordable housing. Too many of our community members throughout the counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara are being priced out by high rents and housing prices. It is important that those that work in our communities like teachers, first responders, and small business owners are able to find affordable housing near their places of employment. We must look at solutions which increase the density of affordable housing and couple those with open spaces/parks for use by local residents. As we consider building more housing, we must balance that with the impact on the environment. Climate change and its effects--changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and the extension of the fire season--compels us to consider that we cannot build close to the ocean, in flood plains, and in the urban/wildlife interface. We must take into account the availability of natural resources like clean water needed to support new development and to fight fires. 

Healthcare for All: Healthcare is a human right. I believe that a single-payer system is the way to guarantee that all Californians have the care they need without placing them in financial straits because they cannot cover the cost of their medical care or their prescriptions. Governor Newsom supports this and is seeking waivers from the Federal government in order to help pay for it. I also stand with healthcare workers to receive fair wages and safe working conditions. I support reproductive justice and a woman's right to make decisions about her reproductive health.


Education across the Lifespan: The benefits of early childhood education ripple across a lifetime. That is why I am in favor of universal pre-K. I'm committed to making sure it is accessible to all members of our community, regardless of income level. The same is true of post-secondary education, whether at the university, community college, or vocational school level, we need to make educational options affordable or free. 
Let us not forget that a commitment to education includes a commitment to our teachers. It is imperative that teachers receive the training, the resources, the salaries, and the benefits they both need and deserve.


Sensible Gun Control: I support common-sense changes to gun laws, such as a better background check system, responsible access to firearms, disarming domestic violence offenders, and supporting local community efforts like gun buy-back programs. Together, we can reduce gun violence while respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. 


Preserve the Environment: Many of us have personal experience with just how quickly wildfires can start and spread and how helpless it feels in the face of them. We must act decisively to deal with the climate change crisis. We must develop solutions to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. I support California's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2045. It is important to continue to develop technology that will assist in moving high emissions personal and commercial vehicles to those using renewable energy. I support a regional approach to transportation solutions. 


Environmental Justice: I am concerned about the inappropriate and overuse of pesticides. Pesticides affect more than the pests they are made to target. They negatively affect individuals who work in and around them and cause damage to other parts of the ecosystem, including our water table, and all of us as we consume the food products. This issue affects the disenfranchised and communities that are under-represented in the structures of power such as migrant workers. my approach to environmental solutions will include the voices of all affected.   

Paid for by Elsa Granados for State Assembly 2020 FPPC #1421447